Admission Policy

Smart Innovations School is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of learners within the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework. Our admission process reflects our commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and holistic development.

Admission Criteria:

Academic Preparedness: Prospective students should demonstrate a strong academic foundation, as evidenced by previous academic records, assessments, and potential for success within the IB curriculum.

Character and Values: We seek students who embody the IB learner profile, displaying attributes such as inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, resilience, compassion, and a commitment to global citizenship.

Diversity and Inclusion: Smart Innovations School values diversity in its student body and actively seeks to enroll students from varied cultural, socio-economic, and academic backgrounds.

Admission Process:

Application Submission: Families interested in enrolling their child must complete the official application form, providing academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and any additional information that highlights the student’s achievements and character.

Assessment and Evaluation: Applicants may be invited for assessments or interviews to evaluate their academic readiness, cognitive skills, personal attributes, and alignment with the school’s values and philosophy.

Admission Decision: The admissions committee is composed of educators (to assess learners) and administrators (to interview parents/caregivers/guardians). The teachers review each application comprehensively, considering academic qualifications, character attributes, and the

school’s capacity. Decisions are made without bias or discrimination.

Notification: Families will be promptly notified of the admission decision. Accepted students will receive instructions for enrollment while providing support to families transitioning into our school community.

Additional Considerations:

Sibling Priority: Siblings of current students may receive priority consideration for admission, provided they meet the school’s criteria and space availability.

Waitlist: In cases where available spaces are limited, qualified applicants may be placed on a waitlist. Offers will be extended based on the waitlist order as vacancies arise.

Policy Review:

This admission policy will undergo regular review to align with educational standards, best practices, and evolving needs. Amendments are made with input from stakeholders, ensuring continued fairness and inclusivity in the admission process.

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